KIVI — is the modern European brand of TVs.

Using latest developments of the industry, we create a product that embodies your vision of the perfect TV for relaxation and improvement.

KIVI TVs combine sophisticated design, high quality image and fast, modern Android-based interface KIVI Vision.

KIVI mission

To create TVs, using which people will improve themselves and enjoy their lives. To have a positive impact on society by opening new opportunities for the TV use.

KIVI quality

We create modern electronics, controlling its quality at all stages - from manufacturing to the shelf of the store, and even your home. We are sure of the quality of KIVI TVs, so we offer an extended warranty period - 3 years.

Smart-interface KIVI Vision

We realized that nowadays TV has become a gadget with the largest screen for accessing a variety of content and the Internet. Therefore, we pay extreme attention to our KIVI Vision TV control system.

Android-powered smart interface KIVI Vision makes it easy and quick to find and manage content, as well as it gives an access to a wide range of applications!

Interesting facts

More than 400
Quantity of metrics that are used for quality control of KIVI products before sending it to the store shelves
More than 200
Number of pages in the quality-control report of each batch of KIVI products

Our objectives

Our primary goal is to hear our users to implement a unique vision of the perfect product for life. Therefore, the company structure has its own engineering and IT departments. Our specialists are constantly examining queries and feedback from KIVI users to quickly implement their ideas.

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